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Spend a week on Siesta Key with no Car

Updated: Feb 19

A 7 day Itinerary to plan your perfect beach vacation

Siesta Key vacation is a life-changing experience that you should book for the next family vacation. The spot is adjacent to Sarasota on Florida’s Gulf Coast. You will find this beach vacation beautiful and fun. There are a plethora of activities you can enjoy here. The best part about Siesta Key beach vacation is that you can have fun year-round. This means you don't have to wait for the right time to visit this place. Instead, get a vacation rental now and enjoy Siesta Key activities such as kayak, SUP, and boat rentals.

If you book a Siesta Key itinerary, you are at the right place. We will talk about what you should expect from this family vacation. But, before exploring Siesta Key itinerary activities for each day, let’s understand why you should include Siesta Key in your beach vacation list.

Why Should You Plan a Trip to Siesta Key?

A trip to Siesta Key is unlike any other typical beach vacation. Off the coast of Sarasota, Siesta Key is tucked away on the Gulf of Mexico. It provides the best of both worlds: a quiet beach village and a bustling metropolis with a fantastic selection of entertainment options, restaurants, and shopping.

Firstly, during this no-car week itinerary, you can save a significant amount on fuel. Moreover, you don't have to look for parking spots everywhere you stop. The Siesta Key beach rental management will take care of stress-free traveling. You can take a free trolley service and enjoy every moment with your family.

Secondly, numerous indoor and outdoor activities are available to make your family vacation memorable. You can enjoy SUP, kayak, and boat trips. Moreover, Siesta Key is a great place to enjoy delicious cuisines and shopping.

7 Day Itinerary on Siesta Key with no Car

Day 1 – Tour Siesta Village

The center of any Siesta Key family vacation, besides its well-known beaches, is Siesta Key Village. On the first day of your itinerary trip, you can tour Siesta village and experience the beach town atmosphere.

You can visit the greatest Siesta Key pubs, restaurants, and stores for indoor and outdoor activities in Siesta Key Village. The village is in the middle of the island, just a few blocks from the water.

When you're not at the beach, you will spend most of your Siesta Key itinerary vacation in Siesta Key Village. Don’t forget to visit the most-popular Siesta Key Oyster Bar for an incredible atmosphere.

Day 2 – Beach Day at Siesta Key Beach

On day 2, you can spend some time with your family at the main Siesta beach. Siesta Key beach is famous for its delicious food and snack bars. There are playgrounds for kids, which makes it a perfect place to enjoy with family. Families and vacationers are drawn here yearly by the sugary-white sand and turquoise seas, which are genuinely beautiful.

Day 3 – Kayak or SUP at Turtle Beach

Although Siesta Beach's smooth, white sand is absent from Turtle Beach, it is nonetheless calm and laid-back. Fewer people provide a calmer atmosphere because the beach area is smaller. With a playground, boat launch, volleyball courts, and horseshoe pit all close by, this is the most incredible location for activities. The activities include SUP, Kayak, and boat trips. Moreover, the playground will make your children excited and memorable.

Several businesses provide kayak and SUP rentals to take out the beautiful mangrove tunnels from Lido Key. The Kayak experience at Turtle Beach is excellent and offers single kayak rentals for $33 and $43 per half-day and full-day, respectively.

Day 4 – Crescent Beach

On day 4 of your itinerary Siesta Key vacation, you can visit Crescent Beach. Compared to Siesta Key Beach, Crescent Beach is the quietest and most isolated non-private beach on Siesta Key. The beach is surrounded by condominiums, villas, and vacation rentals in this area of Siesta Key, which offers easy access to the ocean. Crescent Beach is popular for its tasty food and ambiance. You can eat at Captain Curts, have dinner at the Shabeen, and enjoy the live music at Sneaky Tiki.

Day 5 – Shopping in Siesta Village

Wander inland to see more of Siesta Key Village throughout the day and shop at the neighborhood stores for apparel, swimwear, trinkets, home goods, and other items. You'll have lots to do at shops Gidget's Coastal Provisions, Beach Bazaar, Sea Pleasures & Treasures, and Sea Shanty.

Purchase a souvenir to commemorate your vacation or to give to a loved one. Discover clothes in beachy or even boho styles, handcrafted jewelry, or ocean-themed décor. Even an art gallery featuring works by regional artists exists. Visit at night for a more relaxing experience. Spend some time strolling the circle and stopping into stores, ideally holding an ice cream cone.

Moreover, it is a good place for lunch and dinner. Restaurants like The Cottage, Gilligans, and Daiquiri Deck have live music sessions for an incredible experience. Find the ideal restaurant, visit an art gallery, relax in the village circle, or pick up a gift for a loved one by taking a stroll through the village.

Day 6 – Take a Boat Ride

Keep the sixth day for boating and fishing at the beach. Hire KeyLife Charters for a customized day on the water or join a Low Tides Tours to experience a unique and memorable tiki boat ride. You can also try other water sports, such as jet skiing, parasailing, and kayaking.

Day 7 – Relax Back at the Beach

On the last day, return to the beach and relax. There are 13 access points, and the sandbar is the travelers’ favorite.

Watching the sunset is just another of Siesta Key's most well-liked activities! On Siesta Key, there are several spots to watch the sunset, but Sunset Point is the greatest vantage point. This jut of land affords one of the most incredible views of the spectacularly lighted nighttime skies and is situated at the northern end of Siesta Key Public Beach.

Sunset Point is a beautiful meeting place where many other visitors go each evening, although you can view stunning sunsets anywhere along Crescent and Siesta Key Beach. You could stay here every night of your family's Siesta Key vacation!

You can take free rides at Frog Hop and Johnny for pick up and drop off. The village is within walking distance from the Free trolley stop.


When you're ready to take Siesta Key Vacation with your family, there's no need to put it off. Siesta Key Rental Properties is here to assist you when you're ready to make your trip plans a reality. Let our knowledgeable team manage every aspect of your vacation rental so that all you have to do when you get there is concentrate on the pleasure. Contact us to learn more about beach rentals for your next vacation.

Book your next vacation rental at Siesta Key Rental Properties.

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